SimcoMedia Introduces Video Conversions

by | Jul 23, 2009 | News

SimcoMedia has added a new service to our lineup that provides video conversions to FLV (Flash Video) format. This is the same format utilized by YouTube and other popular social sites. We have the ability to take your .avi, .mov and other common video formats and convert those to fast-loading and universally viewable (via the standard Flash plugin most browsers contain) Flash videos to be embedded into your blog or standard web pages.

The service includes the conversion of your videos to FLV format and the HTML page containing the necessary code for the display. The cost is just $15 per video.

Additional Recommendation

As an added recommendation, we suggest that the video owners snag one of the most useful tools for FLV creation that will enable you to take your FLV files and surround them with a variety of movie players that further enhances the appearance as well as the visitor experience when playing your videos. The players provide full control over the start, pause, stop and volume of the videos.

View The Full Information About The FLV Player Here


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