Add Flash Videos To Your Site…Easily!

by | Jun 29, 2009 | Cool Web Software, Tutorials

Finally, You Can Quickly and Easily Publish Full-Motion Streaming Videos From Your Website In Just 3 Simple Steps…
Without Any Programming Whatsoever?

  1. Enter the location of any video on your hard drive.
  2. Click a button to convert them in web format.
  3. Click again to produce the resulting web page.

And that’s it! It even generates the necessary HTML code for you to copy and paste. This system also comes with multiple Flash players for you to select from for the final output!

If you ever wanted to add video to your website but felt intimidated by working with multimedia…
Finally a Simple to use software that does it all in just minutes!

I use it for creating all customer videos. Here’s what I have found extremely useful:

  • I can use a program like Any Video Converter to do the initial conversion from various formats into an FLV format at high quality
  • This program will take the existing FLV file and ‘wrap’ it inside of one of many player types you select from a list
  • It also generates both the HTML, which you can copy/paste into your page, as well as an actual .html page which you can name whatever you wish (I name it after the video for reference purposes)
  • The videos can then be used embedded into a page or perhaps a popup or even in a Lightbox environment

The price is definitely worthwhile since it’s uses are extensive. Check it out here:

FLV Video Producer

Flash Video 101

Flash video is a format of video that delivers high quality images, smoothly and quickly.
The video is compressed or converted to a FLV file, which then can be played almost instantly.

Since the arrival of tube video, web viewers have been demanding video as a part of the web experience. YouTube reported that more than 5 billion videos had been viewed for the month of July 2008. This one example alone tells us there is an importance of a video presence being necessary on websites.

Remember the choppy, grainy streaming video of the late 1990’s? The slow downloading capabilities or viewing that began after a small portion of the file was buffered? That was a major frustration of watching video during that era.

Technology had a major break-through with FLASH (FLV) video. The contributing factor being that more people using high-speed Internet connections with higher-bandwidth. FLV format allows video to load and start quickly because of the compressed video images and speed of broadband.

Flash video has the capabilities to run on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux platforms, meaning it can be viewed by 98% of all Internet-connected computers. Since most computers have a pre-installed Flash Player, the need for downloading additional plug-ins and software to view the videos is eliminated.

Here lies the problem: getting your video into FLV format and uploading to your website.

It can be as simple as a 3 step process from start to finish.

Prepare and save your video in avi., mpg., or wvm. format, 1) Locate, meaning where you saved your file on your computer, 2) Convert the video to FLV format and 3) Produce or upload the video to your website. In each step, there are several options that you can pick from. A good program will guide you through this process.

Flash video provides a viewing experience for your website that is seamless, as opposed to a pop-up, or pop-over window, that interrupts the flow of your message.



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