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Divi Vertical Navigation Fix

Divi’s vertical navigation option (Appearance / Customize / Theme Options) by default doesn’t allow the vertical column/menu to scroll with the rest of the page. This can be a problem if you have a lengthy menu as it will not be totally visible on many...
Beautiful New Responsive Xcart Theme

Beautiful New Responsive Xcart Theme

I’m always delighted to present new and exciting Xcart products. This latest theme has so many cool features that go against the typical Xcart style. With its minimalistic styling and well thought out layout, the theme would be perfect for any Xcart store or...
Fishing Reports Project

Fishing Reports Project

I have been recently working on an exciting project that is nearing its much anticipated launch date. The project includes geo-location, custom reporting, several customized WordPress functions and plugins, custom taxonimies, dropdown navigation, comment history,...
There’s a Jerk In Every Bunch

There’s a Jerk In Every Bunch

Excuse us while we deal with yet another spam-jockey who has tried hijacking our registration system in their attempt to spread the word on Viagra, Cialis and other wonderful ridiculous garbage they think we’re interested in. Our registration system will be...

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