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Xcart Services

products_xcart_goldSimcoMedia provides several e-Commerce services involving X-Cart Gold and Pro versions, one of the most popular e-Commerce platforms available. Our installation services assure you that your cart will be installed and functioning properly in order for you to begin inserting products.

General X-Cart services include upgrading to newer versions, complete installations, store configurations, shipping method setups, merchant account configurations, skin modifications and customizations, and plugin installations.



Installation Process

The installation process consists of the following:

  1. Download and upack the latest X-Cart release
  2. FTP all files to your hosting account
  3. Set all required permissions for the installation
  4. Establish your MySQL database and user credentials
  5. Run the X-Cart installation script
  6. Select the skin you wish to set as your initial default
  7. Complete the installation and record your re-install code
  8. Configure your company information (phone, email and address)

Our fees for general installation are $75 which includes the steps above. We also offer the following optional installation and setup services:

  • Shipping module configuration – UPS/USPS/FedEx – $50 (requires you have an existing online account)
  • Payment processor configuration – $50 (only valid for processing providers already integrated with X-Cart)

Advanced X-Cart Services

We also offer the following advanced services designed to get your store up and running quickly. Each of these services is offered as a custom project and bids are subject to individual requests and circumstances.

  • Theme modification / Custom themes
  • Logo design
  • Product insertion/import
  • Product image creation
  • Shipping zones
  • Custom category images
  • Product options (modifiers and variants)
  • Manufacturer import

X-Cart Product Import

If you have several hundred or more products the X-Cart product import feature will save valuable time in getting your products inserted. However, the import feature requires varying degrees of preparation including:

  • Creating a spreadsheet with complete product information including weights, image references, product numbers, etc.
  • Having product detail and thumbnail images available and referenced in the spreadsheet for each product
  • Having your categories specified for each product

X-Cart’s import feature validates each image and category during the import process. The import file must be 100% accurate or the import process will fail each time it can not find the category or image(s) specified. The most common causes for failure are the misspelling of image names (they do not match the name of the actual image, have upper or lowercase letters missing, etc.) and missing categories.

Xcart Updates and Upgrades

Are you running an older version of Xcart and wish to upgrade to the newest version? Take advantage of the latest features and modules of Xcart by upgrading your older outdated version!

Upgrading Xcart can be a tedious process involving the creation of a cloned cart and database (so your live site can continue without interruption) and the process of upgrading in steps (to achieve levels of compatibility called ‘branches’). The process can take several hours to accomplish and possibly longer if errors occur.

Contact us for a quote for upgrading your cart today. See form below.

Schedule An Installation

Use our contact form to schedule your installation or to obtain a quote regarding our other custom X-Cart services.

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