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by | Jan 8, 2012 | X-Cart Themes

We’d like to introduce X-Cart users to a fantastic new template, called Ability, that is so loaded with features that you really need to see it in action to fully understand why it is so advanced compared to other ‘skins’ available on the market. This template comes with literally 100’s of color and background combinations and several dynamically generated and animated areas.

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View this demo to get the full view of the powerful features and presentation: Click Here For Demo


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Additional Specs and Information

Ability is an advanced, all-purpose X-Cart v4.4.x template solution, with a rich amount of layout possibilities and features built-in.

The idea behind Ability is to give you all the design flexibility and features you need, in one template, whilst keeping your costs down.

It can be used as the foundation to any web store. You’ll be surprised at what you can achieve with this template alone.

  • Theme Options
    • Clean layout design with 20 ready made easily customisable colour themes, just 16 lines of CSS per theme
    • Multiple themes enables you to easily change the look and feel whenever you like, eg. seasonal
    • True unlimited colour themes with in-built theme designer – colour pickers for theme elements, choice of background tile or image
    • Over 800 background tiles and images included
    • CSS code generator for easy colour theme generation
    • Layouts based on a fluid/flexible version of the popular and easy to use 960 grid system
    • Option to set the fixed (pixels) and fluid (percentage) widths
    • Ability to set the following to fixed or fluid… overall store width / header / header content / body content / checkout / footer / footer content
    • Layout can be displayed as 3 columns, 2 columns left / right or 1 column (product layout can also have independant column style)
    • Homepage can be set to display as full width (1 column) – maximises the effects of your promotions
  • Header Options
    • Choice of header style, or easily create your own custom header
    • Choice of 4 logo sizes and 4 search box sizes
    • Customer account dropdown menu box
  • Category Menu Options
    • Horizontal menus included…
      • 5 level animated dropdown / flyout menu
      • 3 level mega dropdown menu, with full control over layout in category admin and option to display parent icons/descriptions
      • 1 level tabbed category menu
      • Tabbed speedbar menu
      • Tabbed custom menu
    • Vertical menus included…
      • 5 level animated flyout menu
      • 3 level tree menu, with persistence and choice of theme
      • 2 level sliding menu, with persistence
      • 1 Level basic menu style
      • Or use standard X-Cart menus
    • Additional categories page displaying all categories up to 3 levels
  • Homepage Options
    • Promotional Displays Included…
      • Responsive image slider
      • 3D flash image slider
      • Featured image box
      • Horizontal image roundabout
      • Horizontal image accordion
      • Responsive static image or YouTube video (can be set in Ability settings and set to autoplay)
    • BBC style animated news ticker, dynamically lists the last x news headlines
    • Animated countdown to an event, eg. end of a sale, launch of new product etc.
    • Additional new and random products display (amounts configurable in Ability settings)
    • Featured products, bestsellers, new and random products can be displayed as animated carousels
    • … Or can be displayed in rows or grids, with ability to dynamically switch between row/grid
    • Featured products, bestsellers, new and random products can be grouped into a set of compact tabs
    • Manufacturers can be displayed as a carousel, or logos/links in columns (amount configurable in Ability settings)
  • Products Display Options
    • Products display options
      • Grid and row switchers, with persistence
      • Smart columns, which adapt to the store width (for use with a fluid layout)
      • Masonry columns, which adapt to the store width in an animated fashion and are centered (for use with a fluid layout)
      • Basic tabular display
      • Or use default X-Cart products display
    • Upselling and recommended (random) products use the grid and row switchers display for SEO purposes
    • Default grid/row display and number of columns can be set from Ability settings
  • Product Page Layout
    • Product layout can be displayed independantly as 3 columns, 2 columns left / right or 1 column
    • 2 types of custom tabbed product information display, either tabbed above or below
    • Vertical accordion product information display
    • Tabs and accordions have persistence feature
    • Or use standard X-Cart tabs below
  • Footer Options
    • Choice of footer style, or easily create your own custom footer
    • Display rotating testimonials, news box, latest Tweets etc.
    • Display Footer payment icons, large or small
  • Custom Fonts
    • Replaces H1/H2/H3 fonts which are loaded via the Google Fonts API
    • 397 fonts to choose from as of Jan 7th 2012
    • Includes local font previewer, or use the Google font previewer
  • Addons
    • Dynamic AJAX search box – lists products after 3 characters typed
    • BBC style animated news ticker, dynamically lists the last 5 news headlines – enable / disable
    • Animated countdown to an event, eg. end of a sale, launch of new product etc. – enable / disable and configure date in Ability settings
    • Advanced animated breadcrumbs, collapses and becomes compact if you have many subcategories
    • Lazy loader for product images – delays the loading of images until browser focuses on them
    • Page peel effect – displays animated promotional message in top right corner
    • Google map display for contact us page – displays map and streetview
    • FAQs for contact us page in accordion style list
    • Advanced lightbox to replace ColorBox, with 10 different themes and ability to display videos, inline content etc.
    • Custom floating social bookmarking links for product page – alternative to Socialize module
    • Google translator menu box
    • Image gallery with categories, automatic thumbnail generation and lightbox
    • Display first detailed image as sticky tooltip on product thumbnails hover
  • Advanced Minicart
    • AJAX minicart that can be displayed in header or menu box
    • Instantly displays cart contents on adding to cart, with option to change quantities
    • Products can be grouped by category and minicart height is configurable
    • In addition, when an empty cart is viewed, bestsellers, new and random products are displayed to the customer
  • RSS Feeds
    • Generates feeds for latest news and latest products (generate manually, or set up cron jobs)
    • Number of items per feed and additional text, thumbnail size etc. configurable from Ability settings
  • Miscellaneous
    • Choice of menu and dialog box style – rounded, square or basic borderless
    • Basic promotional menu boxes can be enabled to display any extra info, such as payment seals etc.
    • Choice of manufacturer menu box – dropdown version includes its own search facility if more than 30 manufacturers
    • Configure bestsellers and recently viewed image sizes from the Ability settings
    • Animated ‘back to top’ button that appears in bottom right corner
    • Choice of ‘easing’ effect, autoplay and mouse wheel feature for carousels
    • Option to redirect old IE browsers to a browser upgrade page
  • Just For Fun
    • Animated snow effect
  • Design Features
    • Well organised template structure
    • Well commented CSS code
    • Wide choice of homepage promotion options
    • Flexible width carousels
    • Scrollable content boxes
    • Easy to use tooltips
    • Customised view cart page
    • And much more…


  • X-Cart v4.4.4 + highly recommended.
  • Good working knowledge of the X-Cart system.
  • Basic-intermediate skills in HTML, CSS and Smarty.

View Demo & Purchase Info

View this demo to get the full view of the powerful features and presentation: Click Here For Demo


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