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Webmaster Proposal Kit

If you are a freelance web designer or developer like myself your time, creativity and knowledge are your products for sale. Providing a professional presentation to your prospective clients is paramount in this competitive world of website creation. I have used easily the most powerful tool I have come across for creating and presenting proposals to my clients for all aspects of a web design project, Proposal Kit

If you are a website designer, and you want to steer clear of the pitfalls out there, come armed with professional looking proposals and “close the deal”, then this product is for you. Just download the product and start using these tools in your web design business, and you’ll be playing in the big leagues, without the learning curve that’s normally associated with setting up a business.

Get the One Key Tool that BOOSTS Your Bottom Line!

Proposal Kit for Professional Web Designers

Proposal Kit for Professional Web Designers

With Proposal Kit you deliver exactly what your clients need – fast, accurate quotes, proposals and contracts that increase YOUR profitability and professionalism. Easy and downloadable!

Create Accurate Price Quotes & Close That Sale!

Award-winning Proposal Kit gives your clients the detailed price quote and proposal they need so YOU close more sales (and boost your bottom line!) Finally you can quote with accuracy, increasing your profitability and professionalism. ProposalKit is easy, customizable, proven, and downloadable now!

Accurately quote your projects, create killer proposals, negotiate your contracts, multiply your profitability, brand yourself as a top professional and close the sale. Proposal Kit helps you demonstrate that you are the right professional for your customers. It’s mission-critical, easy, customizable, accurate and immediately downloadable.

Proposal Kit for Professional Web Designers

Proposal Kit for Professional Web Designers



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