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SVPS Project Completed

SimcoMedia has completed the redesign project for SVPS (Sammamish Valley Psychological Services). The project entails the redesign of the previous site and reformatting of all content to bring the site to current Web 2.0 standards. Additionally, some SEO work will be provided to achieve greater presence in regional searches.

Additional content will be developed to expand the knowledge base and provide a richer experience for the visitor. An expandable navigation system will be implemented for future additions to the site.

The project was done in strict XHTML and CSS without the use of tables. AJAX and Javascript were used for content display and


Project Particulars

The site owners emphasized the desire to have minimal graphics and no photos of personnel due to privacy and security issues. The flow of content was paramount. Therefore, we created a main page str

Custom redesign by SimcoMedia
Custom redesign by SimcoMedia

ucture whereas each main topic page contained a sub-menu utilizing Ajax calls to the main content area. This resulted in blazing speed for content loading, less main menu elements and the ability for the visitor to view all content related to a specific topic without page reloading. This also provided an easier method of future updates to the site in the event that personnel would be added or removed.


Here is a snapshot of the previous site:


Here is a view of the finished project:

Custom design by SimcoMedia

Custom design by SimcoMedia



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