Shields Security Bags Project

by | Nov 17, 2012 | Current Projects, Portfolio

What a great joy in working with a very classy group and company, Shields Security Bags, who specialize in high tech and eco-sensitive bags for currency transport and storage. This project was based on WordPress with many modifications and special features to accomplish the finished product.

Among the many challenges facing me was the jQuery based menu system that involved several hidden divs that would appear in respect to mouseovers. This is a unique custom menu design that was part of their initial mockup and posed challenges to the possibility of conflicts with other jQuery elements of WordPress or the various plugins that were deployed.

Another challenge was the use of different backgrounds for each page. These backgrounds needed to extend to the full width of the content area and each had to hold it’s own amount of text overlaid. A series of templates were created for each section of their business (i.e. Company, Products and Services) . A custom ‘loop’ was created to detect the page ID and display a div class specific to that page that contained the proper background image.

As a result, the site works seamlessly using the common header/menu and the footer. Each sectional page utilizes its own method of display using columns and shortcodes.

The people at Shields Security Bags were great to work with and provided concise PSD files as mockups for each page. We agreed on using Google Fonts which made formatting the text and titles much easier.


Here are some screenshots of the finished product.

[nggallery id=13]


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