Second Site Revisions

by | Dec 5, 2009 | Current Projects

We have just completed some modest revisions to an existing client’s WordPress based site. The goal was to incorporate three new items into the content of the site. This included adding a shopping cart system for the sale of the client’s new book along with a contact/booking method for speaking engagements.

The primary focus was to bring attention to the two main services and products that the client provides to the public. The book sale and his speaking engagements. This required creating some graphics that would relay those elements to the site visitors along with a dedicated page with the full details for each item.

The end result involved the creation of a split ‘home page’ that provided a summary of each service with a link to the full page with details and ordering or contact information.

The shopping cart was a PayPal based plugin that works perfectly for the single item purchases, the WP Simple PayPal Shopping Cart. For the contact form for speaking engagement bookings we used the incomparable cForms.

The graphics for the book and speaking pages, although simple in their design, were created from photos taken with a cell phone camera and digital camera respectively. The client expressed a desire to keep the site layout to a minimal design to ensure that the expected customer base of over 50’s would be able to navigate easily and not be addressed with undo clutter.

Screen Shot:

Bill Morton Second Half of Life

Bill Morton Second Half of Life


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