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Probes Online Xcart Redesign

We recently completed a modest redesign of an existing Xcart store in order to enhance the overall look. The previous design was a bit unclear as to the nature of the products being sold. By creating a more concise header image and modifying the titles the site is more clear on the main point of the site.This cart is heavily modified to provide quotes only. Therefore, the actual cart and checkout functions do not apply. The modifications allow for visitors to search for specific models of ultra-sound transducers then submit a request for price quotes on each one selected. Based upon this we needed to make certain that none of the changes we initiated would interfere with that particular functionality.

The version of Xcart in use also dictated how we could make the improvements. The version is 4.1.x which is entirely table based and less flexible to design changes than the newer 4.3.x version which utilizes primarily CSS for layout control.  We pondered doing an upgrade to the latest version but, after careful consideration, declined to do so since there’s a danger the custom functionality of the cart would be overwritten.


Probes Online Custom Redesign By SimcoMedia

Probes Online Custom Redesign By SimcoMedia



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