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by | Nov 27, 2013 | Current Projects, Portfolio

I’m always proud to work with this group. This is the latest creation for a website showcasing LED lighting and bulb replacement and sales. The main purpose of the site is to provide information about lighting solutions and initiate contact between potential customers and them as the suppliers.

We chose a WordPress theme that will allow for us to expand into eCommerce at a later date if they so choose. In the interim, the site is a showcase for the various lighting selections available for residential, industrial and commercial applications both indoor and outside.

Since the bulbs themselves have many different details we created a custom page template and utilized the excellent Advanced Custom Fields plugin that allows us to create post specific fields for the bulb details. A series of PHP calls to those fields were built into our special bulb template and then formatted with CSS to get the look we wanted. A snapshot of the custom template is shown below.

The other request was for a ‘Customer Page’ so they could start a gallery of existing customers. This was done by slightly modifying a portfolio system to create a gallery effect and make it simple to add customers as time goes by.



Product custom template

Product custom template

Home Page Layout

Home Page Layout


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