Multi Track Flash Video Player

by | Mar 26, 2010 | Cool Web Software, Resources

Would you like to create a single video player that can play multiple videos using a playlist? A common problem is when adding videos to your site you have to create one at a time and provide links to each. Now, with the multi-track flash video player you can create one video with a menu driven video selector.

Features of Multi-Track Video Player:

Creates FLV Players that play multiple files or tracks all in one player

Extracts Thumbnail images from video file to be displayed in the player.

Produces all html and flash code. No Coding experience necessary

Easy to use Point and Click Interface.

Builds Image and/or Text Title Driven Menus.

Saves project settings for easy

12 Multi-Track FLV Player Styles to choose from.

FLV Player Style Examples.

Multi-track Flash Video bottom menu

Multi-track video left menu

Multi-track video left menu

Multi-track video right menu

Multi-track video right menu

How To Get

To learn more and to purchase this great tool CLICK HERE


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