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MistKing Custom Xcart Design

We have just finished the creation and integration of a custom skin for a recently upgraded Xcart for The project involved creating a clean design based on the color scheme of the logo and prepare it for use with the latest version of X-cart Gold, 4.3, which uses predominantly CSS as its template core.

Some of the challenges included the need to modify multiple CSS files since one was used as the “Main CSS” and another used for specific elements of the core skin that was chosen to customize. This turned out to be the Light & Lucid default theme since it gave us the two-column look the client was looking for.  Despite its simplistic look, this skin proved challenging in getting the elements to properly align in the various browsers. However, after MUCH tinkering, we were able to successfully integrate the design into the cart.

Here’s a screeshot of the home page:


MistKing Misting Systems custom design by SimcoMedia

MistKing Misting Systems custom design by SimcoMedia



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