Mimosa Hostilis Xcart Customization

by | Apr 24, 2010 | X-Cart Designs, X-Cart Installations, X-Cart Services

Recently we were asked to assist in the installation, setup and configuration for a new Xcart customer, MimosaHostilis.com.mx. Their cart was a basic install utilizing one of the skins that ships with the newest 4.3 version.

The client was happy with the overall design but needed to have the following steps taken to get their store ready for business:

  • modify their logo to fit within Xcart parameters
  • Create multiple versions of the logo for invoice, checkout and main page purposes
  • modify product display to eliminate sku display
  • modify category product display to include links to View Cart and Checkout so customer would not need to scroll up constantly to reach main menu.
  • configure and activate shipping via USPS
  • configure PayPal payment method

Mimosa Hostilis Xcart Customization

Mimosa Hostilis Xcart Customization


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