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Litefoot Redesign Completed

We are excited about the recent completion of a multi-faceted project for the well-known performing artist, Litefoot. The project included the conversion of the main site to a WordPress/CMS setup as well as setting up a new e-commerce system for the sale of Litefoot music, clothing, and, their latest product introduction, the Litefoot Sneaker.Litefoot is one of the top performing hip-hop and rap artists in the Native American communities. He has traveled to and performed at hundreds of tribal venues throughout North America and Canada bringing his message of pride and heritage to tribes of all nations.

Litefoot’s previous site provided limited abilities to handle content and was heavily invested with Flash elements making it difficult to make additions to the site’s structure. By switching to WordPress we were able to answer the need for ongoing content changes and additions to the overall menu structure. Plus, the ability to add various plugins was a major factor.

The Litefoot store is comprised of two elements. The original e-commerce system was reskinned (see screenshot) in order to have it coincide with the new main site design. It was determined that the existing system was adequate in the delivery of digital downloads and should remain in place.

An additional store for handling tangible products was installed using the latest version of X-Cart (4.4.0) as the main system. Litefoot’s product line extends beyond music downloads to include clothing, an exclusive line of sneakers, and other Litefoot endorsed items. The X-Cart system handles the front end as well as administration back end for orders and customers.

WordPress Modifications

The WordPress portion of the site controls the home page, blog and main content pages of the site. Several plugins were chosen, installed and modified to fit the overall site theme.

A ‘Featured Topic’ slider was utilized to bring emphasis to the five main elements of Litefoot’s personna and products: Music, Ringtone, Clothing, Shoes and his newly released book.


The screenshots represent the three main sections of the site. Home page, Music Store and Multi-item Store (X-Cart).

Litefoot Music Store

Litefoot X-Cart Store



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