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Integrity Automotive Repair Receives Top Ten Website Award

We are overwhelmingly pleased to announce that our client, Integrity Automotive Repair, has received word their redesigned website was awarded the Top Ten Automotive Repair websites by AutoInc. Magazine.Each year AutoInc comprises their list of the top ten. They are not listed in any specific order within the top ten. Therefore, the distinction of making the top ten is the recognition of the auto repair industry’s determination of what websites best represent and exemplify the auto repair shop / customer relationship. You can read the entire article here: AutoInc. Online

Redesign History

The original design was created to match some printed materials and ad campaign at the time. Once that campaign faded it was evident the site needed a rebranding based upon recent developments in the client’s marketing. Having bought a fleet of custom painted Smart Cars, the site was totally revamped to provide a similar color scheme as the custom paintjobs plus a more inviting interface that would isolate and showcase the various specials and sales. Furthermore, the site was fitted with special coding that allows for the client to edit certain content areas of the site using an online CMS (Content Management System). Other additions included:
  • Javascript Special Offers slider for showcasing current specials
  • Ajax based tabbed interface for describing services
  • Icon based menu system
  • Dynamic FAQ section for customer interaction
  • Integrated subscription system for newsletter

Integrity Automotive Repair Receives Top Ten Website Award

Integrity Automotive Repair Receives Top Ten Website Award

Do You Have A Need For An Automotive Business Website?

If your automotive repair or sales based business needs a website or if your current website is not performing please contact us for a consultation regarding how we can improve your web presence and increase your business.



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