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Integrity Automotive Redesign

We are pleased to have completed the redesign of one of our previous client’s website, Integrity Automotive Maintenance and Repair.  The original design was based upon a print and ad campaign and, although quite successful, was not capable of  expansion without major issues arising. This new design features CMS capabilities, the heavy use of JQuery for effects and functionality and a design relevant to their new advertising scheme.Some of the primary tasks for the redesign revolved around the site’s ability to showcase current special offers and condense much of the content into simple tabbed based interfaces. Much of this was accomplished using the powerful JQuery library.

Here is a partial list of many of the new innovations and changes involved:

  • New design based upon the SmartCar ad campaign
  • Utilize actual signage for identification purposes
  • Create and integrate random testimonials to display in left column
  • Create slideshow for featured specials
  • Create tabbed interface for basic service information
  • Utilize AJAX for summoning content on various pages and elements
  • Establish a remote CMS system for editing specific content areas of the site’s pages
  • Linked the site to various social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter)
  • Updated an internal newsletter subscription system to enable creation and integration of surveys

The new design uses variations of the color scheme evident on the SmartCar loaner fleet’s custom paint jobs. This client has 4 of these cars provided to customers free of charge who need to leave their autos for extended periods of time while it’s being repaired or serviced. They make a great advertisement and are coordinated with the new website design. Below is a screenshot of the new home page:

Integrity Automotive Maintenace and Repair Website Redesign

Integrity Automotive Maintenace and Repair Website Redesign



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