HG Photography

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HG Photography

HG Photography

HG Photography had created a previous site that did not fully showcase the talents and services of their local photography business. The goal was to create the ability to showcase their work through online galleries, establish a comprehensive list of their photography services, and enhance their search engine presence.

The Design

The layout and color scheme were chosen by the site owners. Their primary focus was to provide a simple and clean layout that they could also make changes to personally. Therefore, it was important to avoid confusing code and complicated functions. The site owners use a standard HTML editor to make their changes.

The Galleries

We created a Flash controlled gallery system with XML files for image and text changes. The Flash galleries allow for various sizes and image orientation while maintaining a high resolution view of their work. We spent ample time with the clients demonstrating how to modify and upload the XML files for controlling and adding to the galleries.


Once again, we regionalized his sphere of influence to concentrate on the portrait and event photography services. At this time the website is their number one source of new business due to the search engine rankings.

link: https://www.hg-photo.com


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