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Xcart Upgrade Services

Do you have an out of date version of X-Cart that needs to be updated? Depending upon your current version the upgrade process could become quite a task. Many X-Cart owners decide to keep their outdated version due to the hassle of upgrading. This can pose a security risk since many of the newer versions address previously known security issues.

Version History

Xcaart’s latest three versions are the most common. You should fall into one of these three branches:

  • 4.1.x branch
  • 4.2.x branch
  • 4.3.x branch

The term ‘branch’ means that your version is only compatible with patches and modules designed for that branch. The 2nd number in the version defines it.


Upgrading between branches requires several steps to ensure the process works properly:

  1. Backup the database
  2. Copy/Backup the entire store folder
  3. Download and unzip the upgrade package
  4. Upload the upgrade files to your host
  5. Run the upgrade script for the database
  6. If successful, upload the newer version of Xcart
  7. Run the Xcart installation script
  8. Select the skin you wish to use
  9. Make modifications to customize your skin as before

If you are moving up more than one branch (i.e. from 4.1.x to 4.3.x) you need to do this process more than once. Xcart upgrades require that you go from branch to branch and doesn’t allow you to leapfrog over the branches to get to the latest version. Because of this the upgrade process can be a bit daunting.

Letting Us Upgrade For You

We can perform the upgrades for you which helps take the worry out of the process and ensures that your store will have minimal down time. Most people are not that familiar with file uploading, permission settings, database backups and other parts of the process. We understand that and we take every precaution to make sure that, if there’s a problem with the upgrade process,  your site can be restored to its original state if needed. Problems do occur at times. Especially if you have had some custom modifications to any portion of the cart’s core code.

Another consideration is if you are using any third party Xcart plugins or mods. Before doing the upgrade you need to make certain that any mods you are using are available for the version you are upgrading to. Otherwise they may not work. If this is a vital part of your store’s functionality then you will be without it until they perform an upgrade for that mod.

Upgrading Costs

The costs for upgrading depend entirely on your version of Xcart and the extent of the work performed to get your cart and skin current. An estimate will be provided after our initial consultation

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