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Dawson Paralegal Completed

I just had the pleasure of working with an up and coming paralegal ( who is continuing his education to become an attorney ) in doing a makeover of his website in order to enhance the SEO capabilities. The previous design was  incomplete in regards to utilizing the WordPress SEO features and was structured in a way that made updating and edits difficult.

I felt there were underlying issues in the method used for the content, especially pertaining to the home page. The previous designers had used a series of ‘widgets’ like a puzzle to create the layout which was confusing to the site owner when needing to make changes. Key word headlines and related content were lacking. The desire was to create a more appealing design and easier navigation to enable the site to grow in a more efficient manner.

The project involved:

  • the creation of an image slideshow for the home page bullet points
  • more visible calls to actions
  • easier method of updating content





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