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FLV Video Conversion

Video Formatting

FLV Video Conversions

FLV Video Conversions

If you would like to insert FLV (Flash Video) into your business website, blog or personal site your videos will most likely need to be converted from .AVI or .MOV or other formats into the .FLV format for easy web viewing. All major browsers support the .FLV format. The advantage to .FLV is the video does not have to download before it becomes viewable. Basically they are viewable immediately and have controls for the visitor to start, pause, stop and adjust volume. These videos are embedded into your page individually or in groups if you’d like.

Optional Playlist Format

We are also capable of creating a single video screen that provides a playlist or menu of available videos that when clicked on will play in the single video screen. This is a huge space saver and allows for you to have control over your video playlists.


Each video conversion is $15 from a standard video format to .FLV. Creation of a playlist is $50 plus the cost of each video conversion. Packages Include You will receive the following when completed:
  • .FLV files
  • HTML pages containing proper code
  • video player SWF file (video controls)
  • javascript and xml files for playlists (if applicable)
  • simple instructions on how to implement
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