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Ajax Coding

In addition to our web design services, we offer a variety of website related services designed to assist people who own, operate and maintain their own websites but may not have all the tools needed to create the desired input or have the knowledge on how to generate additional traffic. These services include:


Ajax is not new technology but has come to the forefront of web design techniques due to its ability to load and manage data faster than the typical page refresh method. Basically Ajax allows for you to have a single block in your web page (for example, a <div> element) that is filled with content determined by which hyperlink on the page the visitor selects. When clicked, the hyperlink is directed to place the requested content into that <div> element instead of going to a completely new page. This method keeps your pages compact, allows for all types of content to be summoned including video, HTML, images etc. Managing the content is easy since the Ajax is typically called from an external file and requires only a short snippet to be inserted into the <head> section of your page. Therefore, a novice HTML coder could change the summoned content and hyperlinks.

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To contact us for PHP/MySQL and Ajax programming use our contact form.

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