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CSS Hyperlink Styles

Ever wonder how they do all those cool tricks with the hyperlinks embedded into pages? Are you tired of the typical default color scheme and style of your hyperlinks? Here’s some ideas and CSS tips to add more impact into your design! First, it’s important to know that CSS and browsers are a bit finicky when it comes to how you style your hyperlinks. They must be listed in your CSS document (or, if internal to your page) in this order:
If you can just remember LVHA then you won’t run into problems when stying your links. The standard default hyperlinks are blue, underlined with a solid line, change to purple after being clicked on and have no rollover effects. We’ll show you how to  make them a bit more exciting. First, let’s play with the colors and underlining:
This produces a nice simple rollover effect when moused over where the dotted underline turns to solid underline and changes color. You can also add a background change to your links, like so:
This produces a background color change and i’ve formatted the font color to turn white so it shows properly for the effect. Notice I also changed the text-decoration to ‘none’ and inserted the border-bottom selector which produces a nicer look than the text-decoration. You can also use images in your links. Like so:
Which would place the icon image to the left side of your text for every link on your site. If you wanted this to be for specific links you’d create a class for it like this:
And assign it to the links you want to display the image like so:
Or like this, for a class used in showing PDF hyperlinks:
And, here’s one of my favorite methods of formatting links for specific types of documents of extensions. This example shows a link style for all .pdf extensions and uses an icon image displayed at the end of each link.
Hopefully this will help get you away from the typical boring default hyperlinks.



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