Creating Multi-video Playlists

by | Jun 29, 2009 | Cool Web Software

Here’s another great program I came across that utilizes the ease of using a simple way of creating multi-video playslists. There are literally a dozen ways this saves time, space and $$$’s for a web developer or for anyone who handles FLV files regularly.The playlists display your videos one at a time and allows the viewer to select which video they want played next which then replaces the one they were viewing in the current player. This may not sound like anything amazing but say you have 10-20 videos in a series. Instead of having a separate page for them or putting all 20 on a page you could easily create the playlist so the viewer can see all the videos in one location and select them in the order they wish to play them.

To me this is a no-brainer. Especially if you’re trying to embed a dozen or so large dimension videos into a page. This way it can be inserted into a page and allow the visitor to stay on that page for their duration.

You can check it out here: Media Producer



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