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by | Jun 23, 2011 | Resources, Wordpress Plugins

Site navigation is obviously very important. Therefore i’ve been searching for a more efficient and intuitive way to provide visitors with where things are within the site. Site maps are ok, dropdowns get too long, etc. Enter the Mega Menu!

The Mega Menu allows you to create multi-column dropdown style sub-menus with images, icons, descriptions…even forms! There’s even a control panel for modifying how the menu responds regarding speed, size and more. Plus, it comes with 21 preset styles to select from so there’s already a great chance one matches your theme.

The Mega Menu works off the existing WordPress menu system. Therefore it’s compatible with all of the latest versions (you really should be current anyway at version 3.1.3). It’s designed to replace your main menu and works in horizontal or vertical settings.

It also works off the existing JQuery that loads with WordPress. Therefore no conflicts! It supports images, shortcodes and your own CSS if you wish.

Get It Here

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For further details, a full demo and download CLICK HERE



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