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Composer Anthony Bellotti Project Completed

Anthony Bellotti is a local composer, sound designer and audio engineer who was in need of a platform for showcasing his work and availability. A priority was placed upon the ability to handle media files such as video and audio in order to continue adding demos to his portfolio.

Once again, we utilized the power of WordPress in providing the site owner with the ability to manage their content easily using several custom plugins that enable him to upload and integrate the various types of media files.

The design concept was meant to be minimal and clean yet capable of providing attention to the main services he provides. The project includes:

  • Integration of audio files into a playlist using shortcodes
  • Embedding of video files using the WordPress editor
  • Extended contact forms with CAPTCHA
  • Featured topic slider on home page


Anthony Bellotti Website Design by SimcoMedia

Anthony Bellotti Website Design by SimcoMedia



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