3 Great Free Text Editors

by | May 17, 2009 | Freeware

Text editors provide a multitude of functions these days and not just for writing simple text. Many purists still use text editors to develop complete and complex websites from scratch instead of using some of the more powerful feature-rich HTML platforms like Dreamweaver and Expression Web.

These text editors support multi-language highlighting, fast find-and-replace features, live editing via FTP and much more. These are listing in no particular order.

  1. Notepad++
    13-01_notepad_plus_plusNOTEPAD++ is a premier replacement for Microsoft’s Notepad as well as a powerful code editor. It has an auto-completion feature (for most supported languages) that guesses what you’re trying to write, a tabbed interface which is great for working with multiple files without cluttering your task bar, a powerful RegEx find-and-replace feature, code folding, support for a large array of languages (even Assembler!) and much more.
  2. Crimson Editor
    crimson_editorCrimson Editor is a light-weight text editor for Windows users that supports many coding languages. It has a Macros features which lets you record a sequence of tasks and reuse the sequence with a click of a button. There’s a built-in FTP feature, allowing you to upload/download/edit files from your FTP server.
  3. ConTEXT
    contextConTEXT is another excellent, lite-weight, freeware text editor for Windows. It has countless convenient features such as text sorting , export options, and a macro recorder for repeating a sequence of tasks.


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